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Stone history and description
Stone Simbircite: properties, description, history

Simbircite is a stone with an interesting history. Found it on the banks of the Volga in 1765, the discovery was made by Colonel Alexander Svechkin, who was instructed by the higher ranks to inspect forest lands. He liked the stone, but having brought it to the capital, the colonel found out that the craftsmen were not interested in processing it. Ural and Volga craftsmen argued that the mineral was ugly and too soft, it was useless to try to cut it or use it for making crafts.

For two centuries, the stone could not be used, and only since 1980 they began to process and use it in practice.

Simbircite, named after the city of Ulyanovsk (formerly Simbirsk), is a type of calcite. Its value is determined by its unusual, amber-like color. The presence of red and yellow inclusions in the structure gives rise to the name of the mineral "Volga amber" or "Simbirsk calcite". It was formed due to the close interaction of ancient mollusks with their environment - minerals of different rocks. In the structure of the rock, there are: calcite, aragonite, pyrite, marl, fossil mother-of-pearl, fossils and small inclusions of more than 10 minerals.

The formation is associated with the growth of calcite crystals in cavities and cracks of calcareous nodules (septaria), which lasted about 120 million years.

Deposits and quarrying of stone

Simbircite is a rare stone. It is found in only one single deposit in the world. One is located in Russia near Ulyanovsk.

Occupies an area of ​​more than 40 km, stretches along the banks of the Volga, between the Simbirsk and Undorovskaya mountain ranges. Small deposits were found on the Oka River in Nizhny Novgorod.

Simbircite is mined for a limited time a year, from mid-April to the beginning of the first snows. Extraction is carried out manually, since the deposits of the stone are located on the territory of the state reserve.

Varieties and colors

The color range is very diverse and varies from white and transparent to translucent dark brown; due to frequent changes in the conditions of formation, it has a layered structure and, accordingly, a pronounced decorative pattern.

There are samples of orange, burgundy, green and white, the saturation of which depends on the amount of iron, manganese and a number of substances in the mineral. Crystals interspersed with pyrite of golden and black colors, as well as stones with dotted inclusions of red mother-of-pearl, attract attention.

Depending on the method of formation, two types of simbircite are distinguished:

Vein crystal-like simbircite is formed in stratal, near surface waters, and is quite common. It is distinguished by an individual kidney-shaped or banded pattern, in which the thickness of the veins can reach 10 cm. The vein stone is divided into subspecies: classic, agate, cellular and stalactite.

Ammonite simbircite is a rarer species. It is mined in the cavities of shells of mollusks (ammonites). The variety of this stone practically does not require processing, it can be speton, geode and discofalcate.

Physical properties

The stone is distinguished from others by its beautiful yellow, almost sparkling color and considerable fragility. The gem can be easily damaged by swiping something sharp over its surface. Mohs hardness is medium. Only 3.4-4.5.

The stone is translucent, all veins, dents, and fractures are clearly visible in the sinewy gems.

Magical properties

This stone is for those who constantly work and communicate with people. It will help its owner realize himself, achieve well-being, prosperity is also a talisman of the family hearth. By placing simbircite jewelry on the desktop, and in the office decor items your business will go uphill, the stone will give you strength and stimulate your ability to work. With constant wear, it guarantees you a surge of strength and harmony, contributes to emotional balance and control. Simbircite products also rejuvenate and strengthen memory.

Possesses pronounced magical properties, a natural energetic, contact with which charges a person with positive emotions for the whole day. Among other qualities of the stone, the ability is noted:

  • push the wearer towards something new, so far unknown and therefore causing unreasonable fear (helps to overcome oneself);
  • influence the creative abilities of a person, barely born creative ideas become a reliable foundation for future great achievements.
Healing properties

Simbircite is a stone with powerful energy, which is used in various health and massage treatments. The emergence of this energy has a justification that is quite understandable from the point of view of science. Simbircite nodules, formed over 120 million years under a layer (up to 160 m) of sedimentary rocks, have a crystalline structure that grew under tremendous pressure. That is, each crystal of the minerals that make up the simbircite is pressed against neighboring crystals with incredible force. When these huge boulders (up to two meters in diameter), as a result of erosion of the Volga bank, come to the surface, internal tension breaks them and they open like flowers literally within one year. Thus, when the temperature regimes associated with the extraction of the stone to the surface change, it leads to the movement of the crystals in relation to each other, and since they are pressed with great force, magnetic and thermal fields appear, which we perceive as energy and the fact that we call it "warm stone".

In lithotherapy, Simbircite is known for its properties to relieve headaches and migraines. Acts as a sedative for nervous tension, neuroses and stressful situations. He is also credited with miraculous properties such as getting rid of depression, phobia, fear, insomnia and obsessive thoughts. In addition, the mineral has a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system, improves the condition of the stomach and intestines, pancreas, and liver. Its energetics relieve joint inflammation, rheumatism and arthritis. For the treatment of these diseases, the "simbircite road" is effectively used. Treated stones are laid out in the form of a path so that the patient can walk along it barefoot.

In order for Simbircite to have a beneficial and effective effect on the body, it is important to properly charge it. For this, the stone is briefly left in the sun. After treatment procedures, Simbircite is washed with running water.

Products and jewelry of simbircite

Natural beauty, individual design of each sample and simplicity of processing simbircite are the determining factors in the manufacture of decor items, souvenirs, women's jewelry and men's accessories from it.

Souvenirs and decor items are made from simbircite, which will not only decorate the interior, but also create a healthy, favorable atmosphere in the house. These are tabletops, candlesticks, figurines, vases and vessels of various shapes and sizes, balls and varieties of writing sets. Stone is widely used as a material for interior decoration.

Simbircite jewelry is distinguished by a large assortment of products - rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants, brooches and pendants, necklaces and necklaces, rosary and beads, men's rings and cufflinks. Modern methods of stone processing allow performing ultra-precise cutting, as a result of which products of amazing beauty are obtained, which are popular not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Stone Care Tips

One of the rarest stones on the planet, Like most gems, Simbircite requires careful handling and storage.

To maintain its attractive appearance and color, you must follow a number of simple rules for the care and storage of products:

  • protect from mechanical damage, falls;
  • take off while taking a shower, bath, going to the bathhouse, sauna, solarium or swimming pool;
  • in a separate soft bag or box;
  • avoid overheating of the product;
  • avoid storage at subzero temperatures;
  • for cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to use agents with abrasive particles and aggressive compositions
  • when washing, use soapy water;
  • if the mineral is needed for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to regularly rinse the product with plain water or wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

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